Crossing borders !

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How to keep the change

In my contact with former participants of the camp, I realized that we do not have to do anything to keep the change. These teenagers have been changed for life! But as they move on in life they get shaped by their everyday experiences however big or small. The memories of what was learned about reconciliation during the youth camp will start to fade. To keep this flame alive our partner Mushalaha offers reunions to former camp participants and continued training for those who want to grow more in reconciliation.


The last camp was already 4 year ago. Still I see the participants of that camp keeping in touch with each other. When there are times of trouble they ask one another ‘Are you and your family ok?


When I am in Israel, I make an effort to visit the former participants and see how they are. It is always good to see them and to hear how this camp has shaped them into the young adults they are now.