Crossing borders !

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Our Testimonials

Examples of feedback we received of the participants were:


“I learned that it is wrong to hate”

“I now look at the world different”

“Now I have friends on the other side”

“I was scared at first, especially because one girl has the eyes of a soldier, but now we are friends”.


A testimony of great times by Aana

In the summer of 2012, I signed up for a trip to Holland with an organization called Musalaha. I did not know any of the participants at the time, but I figured it was a good opportunity to experience new things. Little did I know back then, that it would be life-changing. We stayed in a little town in Holland. We were a very diverse group of about 30 people; Europeans, Arabs and Jews coming from different backgrounds, leading very different lives, speaking different languages and have different opinions. We went on trips for a few days, to Amsterdam, to Brussels, biking around town and more. But most days we spent in the centre, sharing meals and playing games in our free time. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other, singing, dancing, playing hide and seek, playing pranks and just hanging out. Our differences melted away as we ran, jumped and laughed around. Also, on our days in the centre, we participated in sessions – my favourite part of the whole trip. In the sessions we praised and prayed together, in different languages (sometimes 5!) but all to the same God – our Saviour Jesus Christ. We had many activities that would urge us to think, to listen and to share our thoughts with one another. Sometimes it was difficult, touching on topics that are sensitive, leading to emotional outbursts. But, what fascinated me was that those discussions never sabotaged our relationships with one another. We were able to leave everything behind and truly be brothers and sisters despite our differences. We created bonds that would last a lifetime, bonds that would prevail even through difficult circumstances that are sure to come, given the area we live in. Our good God blessed each and every one on that trip, teaching us important lessons about loving the other, understanding the other and respecting the other. He helped us see that reconciliation is possible, even if times are hard. This trip still affects me up until this day, and I can’t thank the Lord enough for everyone who participated in it, helped plan it, oversaw it or donated for it.