Crossing borders !

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Latest News: 18 Janaury 2016

The camp is on and scheduled to happen from 12 until the 22 of August 2016.


It is time for youth and youth leaders to reserve these dates in their diaries.


It is time to set the dates for the preparation sessions where they can meet and have a preview of what is to come.


It is a time for the EU teenagers to get to know about the Middle East conflict.


We are still raising funds to pay for this camp, but we have good confidence that we will manage to do this.

Now, even more than ever there is the need for reconciliation in the Middle East. Youngsters will have their life changed as a result of spending 10 days with ‘the other side’.


I do not know if there will ever be peace in the Middle East, but I have seen the change it brought in the lives of those who have been to previous camps and I know that for them there is peace as they now look at the world differently and no one can take this new world view from them anymore.