Crossing borders !

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Youth Camp 2012

This was indeed a life changing event.

In 2012 the camp was held in a former monastery at Helvoirt in the south of The Netherlands. The group had a good mix of participants from the Middle East and Europe. We managed to make a visit to Amsterdam have a boat trip through the canals.


As leaders we could strike a good balance between the entertaining and the ‘hard work’ activities aimed at reconciliation. At the 7th day a few boys came up to me (Bart) and said. The camp is only going to last 3 more days! What are going to do after the camp finishes? Their outlook on life had changed.


The ‘enemy’ was no longer the enemy. These last 3 days we spent doing workshops on identity. We discussed questions like: Who am I in a group and as a person? To what groups do I belong to? We had to plant their feet firmly on the ground before the would return to a world that had not changed.