Crossing borders !

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Things to Know

All the participating youth will have to show an interest in reconciliation.

For the teens from the Middle East that will require a will to listen to the ‘other side’.

The youth camp will take place from August 12 - 22, 2016.

It will be held in The Netherlands. Teenagers between 15 and 17 years can apply. An application consists of an essay about their motivation and reasons to participate.

If you like the idea of these reconciliation camps and wonder what you can do to make them a reality, then you can contact us and tell us who you are and what your talents are.

Due to the ongoing nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli and Palestinian youth harbor attitudes of hatred, enmity, bitterness, victimization, aggression and violence.

Previous Youth Camps


An experiment that turned out very good

This was the first reconciliation camp in The Netherlands. Musalaha brought in their expertise in reconciliation and we provided the place to stay. Not only was this first camp in The Netherlands a try out, but there was also a camera crew that filmed the camp and produced a very good documentary.


An unforgettable experience

In 2007 the camp was held for 5 days in a hostel at Hoek van Holland and 5 days staying with families in Dokkum in the very north of The Netherlands. While we were at Hoek van Holland, we all went on a bike ride. I had asked them before ‘Can you ride a bicyle?’ and most of them said ‘Yes’.


The next adventure !!

The camp is on and scheduled to happen from 12 untill 22 August 2016. 


This was indeed a life changing event

In 2012 the camp was held in a former monastery at Helvoirt in the south of The Netherlands. The group had a good mix of participants from the Middle East and Europe. We managed to make a visit to Amsterdam have a boat trip through the canals.