About us

Our goal is to raise funds and execute reconcilliation youth camps.

Who We Are

Tabitha Belgium

Tabitha Belgium is a non-profit organization registered in Belgium. It consists of a board and members. All those involved donate their time and expertise for free. The activities of Tabitha Belgium are the raising of funds and the organization of the reconciliation youth camps.

Our , vision

Is to create a space where Israeli, Palestinian and European teenagers can come together in a safe environment to talk, break down barriers, and explore paths to reconciliation. This sows the seeds of increased trust and the potential for wider reconciliation between all peoples in the Middle East.

Empowering youth

We trust that personal encounters between young people will help bridge differences between groups and between societies which have so long been hostile towards each other. The future of the region is in the hands of its youth. We want to empower them to learn from the experience of getting to know each other and their backgrounds as an example of how to bring lasting peace and reconciliation to the region.

In practice

We turn this vision into reality by organizing regular youth exchanges which bring together Israelis, Palestinians and Europeans for summer camps in Europe. For the Israelis and Palestinians, these exchanges are a first opportunity to get to know each other. They hear views from the other side of the divide and begin to see how much they have in common as teenagers growing up in the 21st century. For the young Europeans, learning first-hand about the problems in Israel and the West Bank from those living in the region is an opportunity to help build bridges, but also to face up to stereotyping and discrimination in their own environments.

The result

The contacts and friendships that grow from these exchanges are precious. The future of the region is in the hands of these young people. Greater understanding of each other leads to shared trust, and trust is a catalyst for reconciliation. Through this process, the seeds of peace are being planted. By encouraging young people from very different backgrounds to talk to each other about their hopes and fears, we can play a modest but important role in turning the tensions and hatred that are part of the story of the Middle East into lasting peace.

Want to know more?

write us at info@tabitha-belgium.org